IADC 217 Steel Tooth Tricone Bit

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Bit Size:  3”~26”
Bit Type:  217
Bearing Type:  Elastomer Sealed Bearing
Tooth Type:Steel
Circulation Type: Mud Fluid
Thread Connection: 2 7/8”~7 5/8 API REG
Gauge Protection:Available
Shirttail Protection:Available
WOB (KN/mm) :0.4-1.0
Applicable Formation:Medium formations with high compressive strength,such as medium soft shale,hard gypsum,medium soft limestone,medium soft sandstone,soft formation with harder interbeds,etc.

ZW series bit adopts rubber seal with journal bearing ,which can sustain higher WOB under normal rotary speed and is suitable for drilling in formations from very soft to middle hard by properly selecting different cutting structure .
The size range of ZW/ZWT series bit is from 3 1/2”-26”and IADC varies from 116 to 837 .
1.Journal Bearing . hardfaced head bearing surface. Inner hole of cone is silver-plated . the load capacity and seizure resistance of the bearing is greatly improved .
2.O ring seal is made of the more wear resistant and high saturated buna-N with the increased seal section and precisely designed sealing flange in the cone sealing area has increased the reliability of the seal .
3.All rubber compensator  is used which can limit pressure differential and prevent drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system and this provides the bearing system with good assurance of lubrication .
4.High wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit are given full play by using carbide compacts of high strength and high toughness in combination with optimized compact numbers and rows, the exposure height and special shaped compacts .
For steel tooth bit , the tooth surface is hardfaced with new type of wear resistant material and thus has extended working life of the cutting structure while still maintaining high ROP.
For ZWT , a row of inserts is added between gage row and heel row to trim borehole wall and protect cone shell .

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